The essence of Nishiwaki Shoten lies in the production and supply of excellent-quality textiles using long-standing, traditional techniques.

In the pursuit of pure textiles we employ only honest, time-proven manufacturing techniques, and seek to pass on the values and traditions in our products by manufacturing and selling beautiful and excellent-quality textiles using authentic methods. Our mottoes are:

Products should be sophisticated and of high quality
Honesty and integrity in quality
Products should be exquisitely beautiful
We have pride and affection for our products
Sales should always be ethical

Since its foundation in 1773, the history and traditions of Nishiwaki Shoten have been marked by constant improvement through trial and error. The evolution of our range is seen in colour, material and technique, all responding to the needs of the time. In evolution can be found the charm and the value of our products. Our long history of manufacture leads to maturation and the build-up of tradition. Such refining will eventually result in objects of beauty and universal value, surpassing temporal and cultural borders.

The mission of Nishiwaki Shoten is to produce and sell high-quality textiles deriving from the specific local climate and culture. It is not a swift matter to develop textile techniques proper to a given locale, and our products are the result of a history of repeated innovation and improvement. At Nishiwaki Shoten we hope to prove our worth by two means: ensuring that our proudly and lovingly-produced textiles gain solid sales, and securing the future of traditional Japanese techniques in a world of mass-produced industries.

No compromising on quality indicates our determination to deliver true value in all the products we sell. This is how Nishiwaki Shoten Co., Ltd. has made and sold textiles for 240 years.

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